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In the year 2150, Earth had become an overpopulated and desolate planet. Poverty, hunger, and radioactive fallout from the last World War were affecting everyone, leaving billions of people either dead or dying. Earth had given us everything and we took it all with no remorse or reparation. We had ravaged Earth with our pety wars and stripped it bare, human civilization was nearing it’s end.

It wasn’t until this time that we began to finally understood our impending fate and began to take destiny into our own hands. The few remaining nations of Earth created the Earth Alliance and scoured the visible universe in the hope that other planets would be found that could sustain our civilization. In 2159 we discovered a small corner of our own galaxy that could possibly sustain us, a journey that would take nearly a century. The undertaking was unprecedented. We built starships and rapidly developed technologies to sustain us during the journey. Never in all of human history had there been such cooperation and effort put into any endeavor. We launched 33 Alliance starships in 2183, crewed by whom we thought were the best and brightest. It was mankind’s crowning achievement.

During our journey, communication relays were launched that allowed us to remain in contact with Earth. For five decades we adapted to space travel, thriving in our technological prowess, and communicating back to Earth the wonders we encountered. However unlikely as it seemed to us, life was once again becoming worse on Earth. Several of the nations had fallen and what order there was soon turned into chaos. The Earth Alliance collapsed, and war once again consumed their minds. It was apparent that we had not learned our lesson after all. In 2235 we lost all communications with Earth. It was unknown what happened or why, but one thing was now certain, we were now truly alone.

It was in the year 2250 that we finally arrived to a planet that we would soon call home, a place we named Eden. Eden was the ultimate planet for supporting the human race. Some say it was more Earth like than Earth itself had ever been. It wasn’t long before we gained a strong foothold there. We planted crops, rebuilt our civilization, and even began building new starships and exploring new worlds. We renamed our government to the Colonial Alliance to signify our own endeavours and our lost ties to Earth. For 80 years we expanded our reach, colonizing and mining planets for the resources we needed, all the while leaving Eden as untouched as possible. After all of our effort, we came to the conclusion that we had saved humanity from itself.

In 2330, a year that will remain in infamy, the colony on New Japan was obliterated by an unknown foe. 10,000 souls were lost on that horrific day. During our entire journey we had never encountered any alien species, and it was completely unknown who could have caused such destruction. That was until we we received the following transmission two days later: “We are the Terran Hegemony. From the ashes we arose and washed ourselves clean of all that was impure. We will cleanse the Universe of all who are inferior. Everything that is yours is now ours.”


Developer Diary

Updated 05/20/2010
Here is a brief changelog of whats coming so far in v1.2:

  • New mission!!.
  • Increased in game button size on the iPad version to 72×72 pixels.
  • Increased font size of mission briefing text for the iPad version by 35%.
  • Adjusted mipmap LOD bias for much faster rendering of large objects.
  • Adjusted particle density and explosion billboard size for increased performance and more accurate scale.
  • You can now engage your afterburner by pressing the acceleration icon when your ship is already at full speed.
  • Adjusted the scale of shield hits to be more visible.
  • Fixed accelerometer bug that caused the controls to go haywire when the device is calibrated facing up and you move the device where the screen faces down. The game can be played now at any orientation except sideways.
  • Improved AI flee state.
  • Adjusted particle density and explosion billboard size for increased performance and more accurate scale.

After Black Space went into review I continued to put finishing touches on it. Here is a brief changelog of whats coming so far in v1.1:

  • Fixed AI targeting bug that caused AI ships to fire infrequently on large targets
  • Added a high res menu background for the iPad version
  • Added a dead zone to the accelerometer to make flying easier.
  • Repositioned buttons on the iPad version to accommodate more natural thumb placement.
  • General code cleanup and optimization.

I won’t have my iPad until Monday 🙁 After I do testing on the actual device and see how Black Space runs on it I will update with any additional changes. I have some things in mind for future revisions that include the obvious things like additional missions, ships, weapons(yes missiles are coming, just didn’t have time to implement them before launch), and high res space backgrounds for the iPad compared to the 512×512 images currently used.

About Xanist

Well I guess a little introduction is in order. My name is Jeffrey House. I have been a programmer for 15 years. I have always enjoyed graphics programming and made many unreleased products for my own enjoyment and personal education. When the iPhone was released, I was determined that I would do what I had always wanted to do, and that was to make games. Back in 1998 I had created a small space sim. It was not much more than a proof of concept. I had always loved the Wing Commander series and it has been a huge inspiration for me. As with what happens with most people, real life got most of my attention…college, deaths, marriage, and then becoming a father.
Through the years I had created a decent library of many graphics related technologies in the hopes that one day I would have the time to create something and use those as the building blocks. In 2008 I realized that time was not going to drop into my lap. I spent nearly every night after work and playing with my son, putting the building blocks into place, programming and creating art work for Black Space. I was even able to get my wife to do the nav computer’s voice. Working on Black Space just by myself, I finally conceded to the fact that although I could do everything myself(given time) I decided that to make the game better(and actually release it) I needed to license some of the game assets. I licensed the fighter models from and the music and most of the sounds from This realization that I could not complete the game 100% while working working a normal job as well was profound. This allowed me to focus more on gameplay and AI than worrying about modeling or composing. In the end, I believe it was a great choice. In the next game from Xanist, my entire development approach will change, allowing me to focus more on features and gameplay. Although the next game won’t exist in the ‘Black Space’ Universe, it will be fun. And those who want more ‘Black Space’, just keep your eyes open:)


Any support requests, questions, etc can be emailed to me here